note for compiling qpopper

i’m going back to basics, we get pissed off when we’re trying to solve something we think is so easy to figure out. a word of advice on this, remember to go back to basics, read the docs at least more than once. i got used to installing and configuring rpm’d qpopper. I was compiling qpopper a few days ago and found something out the noobish way. I compiled it using the default configure settings, assuming that it would have support for TLS by default. Noob I was, then I got around that and again I found out that qpopper didn’t seem to be authenticating. I checked my pam settings, didn’t see anything there. I recompiled and disabled pam, thinking that it could be the culprit, no dice. And enabled debugging, still no cigar. I tried other things, it was making me look stupid in what I was doing. Then I discovered the holy grail, that fracking config option “–enable-specialauth” which lets you authenticate via /etc/shadow. For noob’s sake, said I have.

Lesson learned: just because you type fast and you already know stuff it doesn’t mean you will never get stumped and feel like a total noob.

update: Randall Gellens from Qualcomm did confirm(oct 5th 2010) this as a bug, here’s his comment from my old site(couldn’t restore all my web content from my old site):

“Turns out there was a bug in the ./configure script that failed to automatically set ‘–enable-specialauth’ even though it found getspnam(). The bug was only in version 4.0, not in 4.1. A fix for 4.0 has now been checked in.”

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