I haz the galaxy S

I’ve had this phone for over a month now, and it’s kicking ass. Highlights for me: 1Ghz cpu, 16gb storage, 720p video recording capable and it runs android.
I’ve had a brief experience with android in the past, it was when some awesome geeks decodes to port the android os to select winblows mobile phones. I had a crappy windows phone at the time and it just so happened it was a supported phone. Got it installed, booted and ran perfectly. The only issue to me was the camera which didn’t work, it was a driver issue if memory serves me right. I like freedom in general, that is one of linu’s traits. And also one of the reasons why I’ve decided to pursue a career that involves the said os.
I’ve actually just been playing around with this android app that lets you post to your wordpress blog from your awesome android phone, and that’s where I’m posting this right now.

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