farewell letter, the geeky way


#note the -1 option lawl
#@awesome_team_of_duane=`ls -1 /i1pb`;
@awesome_team_of_duane=`ls -1 /home`;

foreach (@awesome_team_of_duane)
        print "Hi $_ \n";
        print "It's been a pleasure working with you. I would like to take this time \n";
        print "to thank you and let you know how I've enjoyed working with you these \n";
        print "past few months. I wish you success in the future and am grateful for \n";
        print "opportunity to have worked with you.				     \n";

print "Special thanks to Duane for being an awesome manager and                      \n";
print 'to Jamie for being a wonderful team lead. Thumbs up for the both of you d(")b '."\n";

sub contact()
        print "You can reach me thru the following contact info below:          \n";
        print "        EMAIL=bofh\@philipmorales.net                            \n";
        print "        SITE=http://philipmorales.net                           \n";
        print "        LINKEDIN=http://linkedin.com/in/moralesphilip            \n";
        print "        PHONE=(numba goes here)                                        \n";

#this signifies the change of location/state
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